Moon Rocket Media was created to enhance the media profiles of Vancouver’s vast array of talent, creativity and emerging businesses. We provide publicity services to actors, entertainers and film production companies, as well as small businesses with a focus on Aboriginal culture.


About Shanti Morning Star Brett

Shanti was born in Melbourne, Australia to a family of entertainers, musicians and artists. Surrounded by an environment of creativity, she was exposed to many live acts from a young age and began doing the door for bands at the age of 8! From there, she worked in a video shop, a cinema and a leading publishing company. It was at the latter that she became a book publicist at the age of 21, and authored her own children’s book.

During this time, Shanti also worked with various PR firms where she organized major media events and was privileged to work with renowned authors, Aboriginal organizations, businesses and celebrities including: Geoffrey Rush, Shane Maloney, Robin Stewart, Koori Heritage Trust, Malcolm Fraser (former Australian PM), Melbourne Fashion Week and Stories and Songs of the People (promoting international cultural exchange from Indigenous people worldwide).

In 2004, she moved to Vancouver, BC to discover part of her own heritage (she is part Cree/Ojibway/Nakota). Almost immediately, Shanti began volunteering for the Fringe Festival and the Arts Club Theatre Company. From there, she has worked in several of Vancouver’s leading talent agencies as office manager, agent, assistant and events coordinator (not to mention actor and background performer on occasion!).  During her time in the film and television industry, she has fostered a deep love for the many talented and creative people of Vancouver. She has sustained strong relationships with many of Canada’s most accomplished actors – both professionally and personally. Her genuine interest in the performing arts combined with a burning desire to promote Canadian actors was the catalyst for the creation of Moon Rocket Media.

To brush up on her skills, Shanti has also completed a short public relations course at SFU, and a small business course at Turtle Island Indigenous Education Corporation.  She is passionately committed to nurturing the arts and the thriving Aboriginal business sector.