Bomb Girls Fever


Breaking News!!! It has just been confirmed that Bomb Girls will be premiering in the USA on the Reelz network on September 11, 2012!


Today is the day – Bomb Girls has gone back to camera for Season Two! This is absolutely one of my favourite shows of all time, and I am so happy that it’s coming back. The writing, the characters, the actors, the era – it’s all so sublime and so well done. It’s refreshing to see a show with a female-dominated cast – and they are all strong characters.


See the excellent in-depth inside story of Bomb Girls including interviews with the creators, writers and cast. It’s a great insight into the development and making of the show. Click photo below.


Bomb Girls is set in Toronto in World War 2 and is set in a munitions factory where women get the chance to work on the assembly lines making… bombs! It is a fascinating insight into the culture of wartime Canada and how groundbreaking it was for women to have the opportunity to work and be independent in those patriarchal times. It also explores the subject of homosexuality via Betty McRae (Ali Liebert) and how repressive it must have been then.

I have always loved Meg Tilly from The Big Chill and Agnes of God, and her portrayal of Lorna Corbett in Bomb Girls is a joy to watch. It will be interesting to see how Lorna progresses this season, as she is pregnant with Marco Moretti (Antonio Cupo’s) baby while she is dealing with a failing marriage. And what will become of Kate (Charlotte Hegele) who returned to her religious and abusive father…. and her relationship with Betty McRae (Ali Liebert)??? We’ll find out in January, 2013. That’s only 6 months away.

Click on the photo above (featuring Jodi Balfour, Ali Liebert, Lisa Norton, Charlotte Hegele and Antonio Cupo) to go to Global TV’s fabulous Bomb Girls site with behind the scenes features.

Click on the photo below to go to Ali Liebert’s site. She is such a gorgeous Rosie the Riverter! I’ll be posting updates sporadically.