The True Heroines infiltrate Vancouver!

It has been a huge week for the creators and performer of The True Heroines. Feature articles in several major Vancouver papers, an appearance on The Rush and a sold-out live show… and it’s only just the beginning. To give you an idea of who and what The True Heroines are, here is an excerpt from my media release (please click on photos below to link to articles);

CBR Photography

The True Heroines is an original episodic sci-fi musical dramedy produced for the web. It explores the lives of three seemingly “normal” suburban 1950’s housewives that happen to have superpowers (invisibility, super speed and super strength). Together, they evade the evil corporation that gave them these powers, while having regular flashbacks to their former lives as cabaret dancers. Full of song and dance, the series is bursting with action, excitement and humor – all wrapped up in a very sexy package.

CBR Photography

The ‘core’ True Heroines are three triple-threat beauties with extensive experience in dance, singing and acting. They are: Fiona Vroom (Supernatural, Tower Prep), Jovanna Huguet (Package Deal, Mr.Young) and Paula Giroday (Once Upon a Time, Fringe). The web series features an impressive cast that includes some of Vancouver’s best-known actors – including Ali Liebert (Bomb Girls), Neil Grayston (Warehouse 13, Eureka), Daniel Cudmore (Twilight Saga, X-Men), Gina Chiarelli, Zak Santiago, Leah Gibson (Arctic Air) and Brendan Penny (Motive). The series is written by Nicholas Carella and directed by Michelle Ouellet (both of Sociable Films).

Malcolm Parry

The live performance will feature polished musical numbers and a large cast of talented performers including; Graham Coffeng, Christina Sicoli, Ali Liebert and special surprise guests (TBA). Acclaimed dancer Joel Sturrock (Hellcats, Gunless) is choreographer, artistic director and the ‘Milk Man.’ The True Heroines offers the tone of Mad Men, the humor of Glee and the darkness of Heroes – all rolled into a crazy adventure in the spirit of the original Batman series.  Here’s a few shots from the red carpet at The Rio Theatre on Tuesday, March 12th:

Ali Liebert, Fiona Vroom, Paula Giroday, Joel Sturrock & Jovanna Huguet

And one more for the road…

Fiona Vroom, Christina Sicoli, Joel Sturrock, Jovanna Huguet & Paula Giroday